In Can Serrà 1786 we are passionate about the raw material and of the amazing opportunities that the horticulture offers us to work. We do it the way it has always been done in farming, we follow the season variations and traditions.We harvest what grows in our land. At the kitchen, we elaborate and transform with the methods that we have rediscovered from our rich culinary tradition, preserving the unique properties of the raw materials. We put all our love at the kitchen because we really like it.And every year, the cycle begins again.

Eating in Can Serrà 1786


We offer a seasonal menu for our clients with products from our organic orchard and from the area, fresh and transformed in a simple, respectful and creative way.

*It has to be booked in advanced.


Room prices include breakfast.

*Other meals in Can Serrà 1786: ask us about it!